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Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia Wild Cherry Saline Laxative Liquid, 26 fl oz

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  • Guaranteed relief that's easy on your digestive system
  • Helps when stress, sudden changes in diet or travel affect your system
  • Relieves occasional constipation so you can start the day fresh
  • Provides predictable relief you can count on
  • Works with your body's natural processes so it doesn't disrupt your life
  • Number 1 doctor-recommended milk of magnesia brand
  • Saline laxitive
  • Phillips milk of magnesia liquid contains 0.45% alcohol
  • Stimulant-free
  • Cramp-free
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose in a 24-hour period
  • Most trusted brand of milk of magnesia for over 140 years
  • Pleasant cherry flavor for added convenience
  • food and drink/food allergies
  • sports/skiing
  • careers/resume writing and advice

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Philips really outdid itself with the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia Wild Cherry Saline Laxative Liquid, 26 fl oz

By our senior writer: Maja Pedersen

I've been waiting to write this article for a long time. But today I actually get to review the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia! I, Maja Pedersen, write about for a living as a writer, blogger and reviewer and you have probably read my pieces about the HP Stream 14" Laptop, Windows 10 Home, Office 365 Personal 1-year included, Intel Celeron N3060 Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage by Microsoft and the HP 15-bw004wm 15.6" Pale Mint Laptop, Windows 10, AMD E2-9000e Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive, DVD, with Wireless Mouse and Sleeve Included by Microsoft. I also did an editorial piece on the iView MAXIMUS III - 11.6" Convertible Touchscreen Laptop (2 in 1) with Windows 10, Intel Atom Processor, 2GB memory, 32GB storage, 2MP Front Camera, 2MP Rear Camera, 10 hour battery - Blue. Needless to say, I have quite some experience testing and I only want the best to my readers of course. So I was really thrilled when I got this product to write about today!


Since 2012 I've been watching Philips1 so I am really excited that I am finally able to try the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia and writing this review for you guys. While searching for the best deal on this product I stumbled across this offer on Walmart (You can buy it here.) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. So I got my creditcard out and placed my order. With the standard same day delivery and free shipping it really is a bargain compared to the competitor brands and retailers. Later that day when my Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia was delivered I opened it and was overjoyed with what I saw. I might sound a bit biassed being a longtime Philips customer but this product really steps it up quite a bit, which is immediately noticeable when opening the package. Now that I've been testing it for a couple of days now I feel like I know enough about the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia to write this review. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so enthusiastic about my brand new Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia.

Best Phillips


When reviewing I usually begin with a summary, then a compact list of the pros and cons of the product after which you can find the rating and my conclusion and resources. So as you can read in the intro, I am really amazed by the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia. Philips has really set a new standard with this one. The durability is fantastic, and frankly; it just looks super. I know looks aren't deciding with , but it just needs to be addressed. I mean the price Walmart offered was and is by far the lowest so make sure to check them out when you are going to get one. As I have tested some alternatives before, I will say none come close to the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia. Just the flexibility alone crumbles all competition and the quality also seems to be top notch. The famous customer service of Philips2 is always very happy to help if you have any kind of questions so if you ever run in to something with their products they'll be really supple with helping you find a solution. So just to recap; only positive things to say about the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia Wild Cherry Saline Laxative Liquid, 26 fl oz. Do read till the end tho because you there is a tiny surprise!


This pros list of the Phillips' Genuine Milk of Magnesia could be much longer, and is way longer than the conslist, but the description3 this site has will probably already say it all. Here is just a little piece: "

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